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Yuval Oren Soprano


2023 Theater Nordhausen

Le nozze di Figaro: Susanna

“Susanna, Yuval Oren, a young Israeli soprano, with seemingly incredible energy, enormously beautiful vocal power, and perfect stage presence.”

Daniel Landau, 18.11.2023

2024 Theater Nordhausen

Loh-Orchestra Concert: Haydn Nelson mass

“With the soprano Yuval Oren, particularly striking due to the brightness and clarity of her voice… The Kyrie began highly dramatic, harmoniously bold, and crafted with much emotion. The soprano stood out with brilliant coloraturas… Yuval Oren tenderly proclaimed the Christmas miracle in between, succeeded by the impressive Passion depiction of the Crucifixion.”

Ronald Uhlig, Thüringer Allgemeine, 5.4.2024

2023 Theater Nordhausen

Le nozze di Figaro - Susanna 

“The lively Susanna was perfectly suited to Yuval Oren, who had already shone as Tonia in ‘Zhivago’ at the Schlossfestspielen. In addition to her enchanting voice, she brought in lively facial expressions and graceful movements.”

Vera Lengsfeld, 1.10.2023

Photos: Uwe Hauth
"My favorite, however, is Yuval Oren as Amore, who not only absolutely convinces vocally but also brings exceptional acting talent.”
Vera Lengsfeld, 24.6.2024

2023 Theater Nordhausen

Les pêcheurs de perles - Leila 

“And the vocal quartet of Theater Nordhausen can fully convince: it is understandable that the temple priestess Leila captivates two men, especially when this role is sung by a young woman like the Israeli soprano Yuval Oren. With enchantment, innocence, and sadness, she interprets ‘her’ Leila.”

Jens Wortmann, kulturbüro-göttingen, 30.04.2023

2023 Schlossfestspiele Sondershausen

Theater Nordhausen - Les pêcheurs de perles: Leila

“The highlight of the performance, however, was clearly Leila (Yuval Oren)… Oren masterfully portrayed the reincarnated diva admirably. In addition to her voice, she used gestures and facial expressions and truly embodied the most beautiful of all women, as Nadir sang of her.”

Vera Lengsfeld, 29.04.2023

2021 Theater Nordhausen

Don Giovanni: Zerlina

“Oren turns her part into a goosebump moment with her voice. The audience was completely captivated by the stage performance several times during this production, remaining utterly silent. That was one of those moments.”

Vera Lengsfeld,, 31.1.2023

2021 Theater Nordhausen -

Die lustige Witwe: Valencienne

“Nevertheless, the Valencienne of Yuval Oren remains by far the most interesting character of the evening, where marriage and love mostly take separate paths. Here she seeks solace, there she seeks pleasure… Yuval Oren stands out also because she almost alone achieves a balance of singing and acting ability.”

Michael Helbing, Thüringer Allgemeine, 19.12.22